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The Parish Share ensures we share resources around all of the parishes.

Many people assume the church has large cash reserves and income from land and investments but this is not so. One big cost is pensions for previous clergy whose life expectancy is now considerably longer than ever before.

Because the church now has to pay its own way in this Diocese, the Parish Share system ensures even the poorest parishes have the same amount of money to pay the priest.

Without your contributions, the Parish Share system could not work and some parishes might not be able to afford a priest and the living church could not continue in those areas where it is possibly most needed.



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Giving to the Church Ė and our Gifts to Charities

Christian Giving - Who pays for our church?

The money you contribute through plate collections and standing orders is used for various needs of our church; communion wine, candles, lighting, heating and buildings insurance are just a few examples.


A proportion of the money you give also goes to:


-     Three charities which St Michaelís supports directly.

-     Four charities through the Beaconsfield Church of England churches Team

(St Michael & All Angels, St Mary & All Saints and St Thomas).


-     The Oxford Diocese in the form of The Parish Share Ė see note on the left.


Click here to see which charities we support through the Beaconsfield Team, and also directly from St Michaelís Church


The three Beaconsfield Church of Englandchurches also support the Beaconsfield Advisory Service.

Beaconsfield Advisory Centre is a service that provides information and practical assistance to anyone in any kind of need by means of an enquiry centre, including Debt, Housing, Employment, Benefits, Marriage problems, Consumer problems, and many others.  Founded in 1964, BAC is a fellowship of Christians whose aim is to use their various gifts by volunteering their time to give back to the community.

At BAC, trained advisors are on staff and work with total confidentiality.  The Centre also includes a group of professional experts that can offer one-on-one advice in the areas of debt, employment and legal issues.  BAC additionally runs a Transport scheme and a Good Neighbour Scheme for local elderly and infirm Beaconsfield residents. For more information, email or ring the BAC Office at 01494 672987 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting. end_of_the_skype_highlighting   


Giving is one of the most joyous experiences and none can be more pleasurable than giving back to God the fruits of our labours.We live in a county and country which, by all accounts, is amongst the most privileged in the world.


Sustained and planned giving is a vital lifeline for the growth of any Church and, to make your giving more accessible, we have a downloadable version of the

Gift Aid Declaration and Regular Giving Notification Form

(The form is in Adobe PDF format Ė click here if you need to download PDF Reader from the Adobe website.)

for you to fill in and return, in confidence, to St Michaelís Church Treasurer.If you are a UK tax payer, the Gift Aid declaration allows St Michaelís to claim back the tax element from the Inland Revenue which is an additional 28p for every one pound donated. This represents the amount of tax that would have already been paid on the donated money. If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim relief on the difference between the basic rate and higher rate of tax.


Many people set up a standing order with their bank to make regular donations and the downloadable form for you to use is the

Bankers Order for Regular Giving Form

(The form is in Adobe PDF format Ė click here if you need to download PDF Reader from the Adobe website.)


Alternatively, you can use the yellow envelopes provided in the church which include a Gift Aid Declaration on their front.

A bequest or legacy is another way of ensuring some of your money goes to the church. This involves a simple addition to your Will, bequeathing a certain amount to the church. Further advice can be obtained by the St Michaelís Church Treasurer is required.  


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